This is Tapp•e.
Here’s what we believe in.

This is Tapp•e. <br>
<span> Here’s what we believe in.</span>

A perfect combination

Tapp•e is a new and fully independent initiative. The growing number of electric cars on the road and increased focus on sustainability leads to a bigger demand for smart charging solutions that utilize existing infrastructure. Given our experience with fencing, it made sense to look at a way to combine charging solutions with existing infrastructure that leverages the versatility of parking lots and traditional fencing. And thus was born Tapp•e.

Tapp•e charging solutions are compatible with fencing of all types and suppliers. If new fencing is needed, this can of course be supplied by one of our resellers or a third party. Tapp•e and its resellers are independent and work with all suppliers so that customers have the freedom to choose.

“Tapp•e: reliability and quality are top priorities.”

High quality

Made in Holland

For the development of next gen charging solutions Tapp•e collaborates with a number of innovators in the EV space, one of them is F1rst: the Dutch company behind Cube charging. Much like Tapp•e, F1rst believes in the importance of full control over research, development and fabrication of its products. Cubes aren’t just designed here, every Cube is built in-house at high-end production facilities in Eindhoven.

The end result is a product our customers can rely on 100%.


Works with all charging providers

Do you have charging solutions in place that you’re perfectly happy with? We work with all suppliers to integrate their charging solutions into your fencing since the Tapp•e system is not tied to any one supplier and can be made to work with all charging solutions. Contact us if you want to learn more.


Solutions that work

Sustainability is essential, but it needs to be more than just a green coat of paint. It is important therefore that Tapp•e charging solutions offer tangible results for clients and resellers. For clients, Tapp•e is an interesting alternative because it is a solution with no downsides: it’s cheaper than installing charging stations, requires no digging, saves time, space & cost and it offers a cleaner look.

For resellers Tapp•e offers simplicity thanks to its plug-and-play nature. This allows seamless integration with a reseller’s own products & services making it possible to market truly sustainable products with clear advantages over competing solutions.